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Lush Interior Design is the premier full service interior design, whole home, commercial interior design, and project management solution in Alexandria, Virginia.



Our Process

Our Process

No matter the service, there are a few key things we follow to make sure your project goes well. 

We have four phases to guide you through the interior design process. That said, there are sixteen individual steps, and at least a hundred internal steps for a designer to check off specifically for your project. Why do we go to that length? We love working with our clients and know they are super busy with their own lives running companies, launching projects, and caring for family. We're taking the myriad decisions, endless checklists, and things to track off your plate. Does that mean everything goes perfectly? Not always. There are humans involved in the process. Also, this guy Murphy and his law. That said, a light sense of humor goes a long way in looking at things with some perspective.

Alexandria Interior Designer Process

The Essential consultation

All projects, whether DIY (we'll provide ideas, you carry it out on your own timeline), or full service design (a turn-key process), begin with an Essential Consultation. It is of the utmost importance to us that the services we provide meet your needs. We review both over the phone during a pre-consultation kick off call.

During the initial consultation meeting, we review the design process and scope of your project, whether it involves a simple window treatment project or more complex remodeling or construction, so that everyone’s expectations are on the same page. We understand that renovations can seem difficult or even emotional at times, especially when budgets and timelines are strained. We want to cultivate a long-lasting relationship with you, so we strive to make the process stress-free, keeping you informed and your goals at the forefront of our minds. 

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The Design Process

Often we are asked what type of internal process or guide we use once we get going on a design project. The Design Process taught in universities and utilized by interior designers and architects worldwide has been proven to yield intelligent and beautiful results. This process forms the foundation of our own, and while some types of projects, are not amenable to it, we utilize it as a guide to ensure your project is moving forward.

Schematic Design
Design Development
Construction Documentation
Construction Administration