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Lush Interior Design is the premier full service interior design, whole home, commercial interior design, and project management solution in Alexandria, Virginia.



Online Design Service

Online Design

Online Design Service

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Bathroom Selections.jpg

Online Design Service


Invest in your home with quick turnaround interior design services. We do the design and provide ideas and links to items for you to shop, track, and install. Don’t like to shop? We’re happy to help, so you can just wait for delivery!

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Imagine your just moved into a much bigger home and your old furniture isn't quite cutting it for your new palace. Or, perhaps it’s an entry hall that needs a little sprucing, a dining room that isn’t quite ready for entertaining guests, or a bedroom conundrum that keeps you up at night. Whether you already have most of the big pieces in place or just can’t quite figure out how to tie it all together, this once fun project is dragging out, creating frustration. You're at a crossroads, pondering how to create the home of your dreams or simply a more put together home-of-right-now.

LUSH Interior Design is here to help! We believe home design should be fun, not overwhelming. Your time and energy are valuable. Let us make your project quick and easy with our Online Design Services.

So how does it work? You will be contacted within two days upon receiving your request, and we’ll get more information about your space and project so the designing can commence.

Starting at $1,600 per room, you'll receive a floor plan and furniture layout, specifications for your space, with two options per item within your budget range. If you’re interested in additional specifications, we are happy to discuss options with you. We do all of the research, scouring online retail racks to find the best options. Within two weeks, you will receive, in PDF format and right to your inbox, a floor plan, and specifications for each item. The resource where you can purchase them will be linked in the file, so you can go right to the page where you can add it to your shopping cart. Choose, track, implement, and send us a picture of your new room—we’d love to see it!

 We'll follow up with you within two business days regarding style preferences and budget on a 20-minute phone call. In two short weeks, you will receive a floor plan and options for each item you need in PDF format emailed right to your inbox.