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Welcome to the Lush Lifestyle Update! We are constantly searching our catalogues and around the web for products of all kinds for our clients, so we thought you might be interested in seeing some of our favorites from around the web!

*We are an affiliate of some of the products we are listing here and have had great experiences with products from these companies and hope you will too!

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An Ode to the Pineapple

Emilie Kyle

During even the shortest of winters, we would love to get away to the balmy beaches of the Caribbean. When schedules or wallets don't allow for travel, we can always look at pictures of turquoise waters and pink sand dotted with colorful umbrellas and dream.

Mmm'kay, we know that doesn't cut it. {shakes head}

Sunny yellow and juicy pineapples instantly perk up the winter doldrums. The ultimate symbol of hospitality (especially in the South), the pineapple has a centuries-old history of warm welcome. Columbus was welcomed to a Carib Indian village with food, which included the sweet pineapple. If we fast forward a couple hundred years to successful hothouse development of the pineapple in Europe, it quickly became the King of Fruits. Expensive to grow, the pineapple had royalty hooked. Legend has it that sea captains from the East Coast would sail to the Caribbean and return with goods from the islands. To signal their safe return, they would place a pineapple on their front post, welcoming neighbors and friends to visit and hear of the travels over food and drink. Hospitality became a huge component of the social construct of Colonial America. Families of means welcomed guests into their homes and to their dinner tables with showy table-scapes of food adorned with fruit and crowned with a pineapple.

How can you not love their patterned exteriors and spiky headdresses? We've been spotting them all over the place and wanted to share our latest obsession. Here is our ode to the pineapple!

West Elm Pineapple Scented Candle $29

West Elm Pineapple Scented Candle $29

Besides a beach-side piña colada, this pineapple scented candle will take your mind far away on vacation. Bonus points for its on-trend gold stem!

Romo Ziani $238/yd  Available through your designer

This fabric reminds us of the look of pineapple's husky, geometric skin. This cut velvet feels very luxurious and would make a great accent pillow. Available in 7 more colors.

Imax Geometric Garden Stool $170   Available through your designer

Imax Geometric Garden Stool $170 Available through your designer

This is a fun textural and metallic accent to add to a glam bedroom or living room.

Crate & Barrel Nikolai pillow $109

Crate & Barrel Nikolai pillow $109

While this silk pillow doesn't look like a pineapple, the pattern reminded us again of the pretty geometric skin of this delectable fruit.

So sweet, you want more?

Check out our pineapple pin board on Pinterest! 

Social History of the Pineapple
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Written by Emilie Kyle
Edited by Cassandra Reinhart