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Finish it Fast: a new service

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Finish it Fast: a new service

Emilie Kyle

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I am super excited to announce a new service to you! We actually created it a couple weeks ago and it quietly went live on our website, but today we’re shouting it loud and proud. We hope you love it!

If you’re new or getting to know us, you might not be familiar with the number of ways to work with us. We get inquiries of all types and those often lead to me creating new services to help clients with their design dilemmas. Would you believe that every year we’ve been in business, we’ve launched a new service to help you with your specific needs? After many inquiries, I knew there were other options to help you pull a room together in a few hours, or provide a solution to a design hurdle for that one odd room, exclusive of full design services. In case you’re curious, check out this, that, here, there, and now this. It kind of blows my mind that we now offer so many ways to help make your world a more gorgeous place! It makes me giddy just thinking about it.

Speaking of giddy, let’s get to the announcement!

First, 25 seconds of background: we’ve found our clients not only want to get projects finished as quickly as possible, but they also want to get to the finishes first. During a construction project, the finishes are installed last. The finishes, finish-off the newly installed architectural elements. We understand that finishes are the most fun and make a world of difference to a space. That being said, we’ve created a way to tackle this portion of the project on the front end very quickly, and with a pro’s help, so you can be assured you’ve got the look you’re after.

We help you select exactly what you’ll need for your project. We efficiently pull options and create finish schemes that translate directly into specific finish and fixture estimates that you can take directly to your General Contractor to use on your project. Boom!

We get it. You want to get to the “fun part” right off the bat. Our Finish it Fast solution is great for you if you are having difficulty quickly defining the finishes and fixtures necessary to finish your project, whether at the beginning or middle of your project when you’re feeling rushed by your GC.

We’ve got your back.


Here’s how it works. Prepare for your meeting by taking a few pictures of the room along with a floor plan sketch and your overall goals for the space. We meet at a local tile showroom and nail down hard finishes and then we take a short jaunt to a kitchen/bathroom fixture showroom and select cabinet style and color along with every piece of hardware you’ll need. For your kitchen, we budget up to four hours of one-on-one time for showroom selections, from counters to cabinets. Just need help with your bathroom? We also carve out a half day just for you and these personalized selections.

You will leave our highly focused meeting with every tile name, SKU, price, and estimate print outs that you can hand over to your General Contractor fully confident that everything aesthetically will work in your space. Additionally, you’ll meet our go-to suppliers we rely on regularly for our full-service clients. Amazing right? The best part? It’s only $1,000 per room.

If you would like help Finishing it Fast, contact us today!

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Written by Emilie Kyle

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