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Home for the Holidays Refresh

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Welcome to the Lush Lifestyle Update! We are constantly searching our catalogues and around the web for products of all kinds for our clients, so we thought you might be interested in seeing some of our favorites from around the web!

*We are an affiliate of some of the products we are listing here and have had great experiences with products from these companies and hope you will too!

Home for the Holidays Refresh

Emilie Kyle

It's official. The holidays are here! Whether you hosted (high five!) or traveled (cheers to your patience) for Thanksgiving, there's no stopping the calendar toward more family, gifting, and gathering.

If you did host, that begs the questions, "were you ready?" and "were you proud of your space?" If you were traveling and will be hosting during the December holidays, you can ask "am I ready?" and "am I proud of my space?" If you know you're not, or you're head of a large clan where everyone goes for the holidays year after year, it's easy to get complacent with the way things are over time, and let's be honest, we just live with it. We get comfortable with the way things are and begin to "not see" the overall picture any longer. We understand the time investment researching and getting everything done outside of family and career, especially when it comes to re-designing or re-decorating your space. The good news is, remodeling and construction is not required to create a fresh new look! 

Maybe a new light fixture there, a new rug, side chair and accessories are all you need. It could be a fresh coat of paint and a re-arrangement of your existing furniture, and then a framed mirror or piece of art is what it takes to bring your space to life. Maybe it is an entirely new look to your guest room or dining room. For a bit of inspiration, last week's post touched on great looking and high-quality quick-ship pieces.

We come in with fresh eyes on every project. Short-turnaround projects are no different. Just because the time is crunched, doesn't mean more stress on you! We take a look at your space and make a quick outline. A short order list is created and we'll find the best in-stock solutions that can be shipped direct to your home. Need it faster or want us to shop locally for you? We'll take care of it for you.

Let us know if you need help with one, two, or three rooms, and we'll set up an absolutely free 15-minute phone call with you to assess your project and begin to set up a quick-turnaround plan. Not sure if this right for you? Schedule your call and we'll chat! No need to worry; you'll be ready for the holidays before you know it!

Written by Emilie Kyle