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Ask the Designer: a new service

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Welcome to the Lush Lifestyle Update! We are constantly searching our catalogues and around the web for products of all kinds for our clients, so we thought you might be interested in seeing some of our favorites from around the web!

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Ask the Designer: a new service

Emilie Kyle

This almost instant weather change has us digging out our well-loved sweaters and scarves and looking for new combinations to don. There are now so many places online and in magazines to look for inspiration in both fashion and design. So much so, it can begin to feel a little overwhelming. Am I right? Fashion-aside, we'll be addressing a pain-free way to navigate some of those decisions in your home.

Maybe you know you need to get that dark living room painted and can't decide between an off-white or a neutral gray. Maybe you've been looking for perfect pulls and knobs for your new cabinets and just can't decide between your two favorites. You're not even sure why you need a chandelier, but your wife wants that really sparkly one. How do you choose? Your new house has a basement big enough for a sectional, but you don't want it to overwhelm the room. How many pendants over the island are too many pendants?

Decisions, decisions

Decisions, decisions

You think to yourself, "This project feels like it isn't going to end unless I can make this one, final decision!" 
"It's only paint. Pick a color!"
"How high do we hang that sparkly chandelier?"
"Do we need to add another table to this room, or just some art?"
"Are there too many colors going on in here?"

Ever wish you could just run something by a professional? 

Not in that awkward social setting where a party-goer asks, "Hey Doc, can you just quickly look at this weird thing on my foot?" Eeeek; nope. Record-scratch. Faux pas. No one feels comfortable with that hanging out there. But...there is a way and it's completely pain-free and not awkward at all. Promise.

Drumroll please! We are super excited to announce something new, just for you! We know you've got it all together: great job, balanced family, a nice house in a good school district. You just need a little help busting through your decision fatigue with that one decision that will get you closer to crossing off your honey-do list.

interior design help alexandria

We have answers. We've got opinions-professional ones (because we know you value those).

Wouldn't you love to just ask a designer? "I'd like to run this by you," "We're going with gray paint. Which are your top two favorites?" "How many throw pillows should we use?" "Can you suggest something for this wall?" "Which edge profile should we go with on our counters for our new kitchen remodel?"

You know your question doesn't seem big enough to hire a designer to come to your home. And maybe that's a higher investment than you'd like to make. It's just a quick question, after all. You just need a sure-fire answer. We're offering this exact service for a fraction of the price of hiring us to come to your home! We introduce to you, the "Ask the Designer" service!!

ask the designer

Just "Ask the Designer"and within a few days, we get back to you via email with a well thought out answer. We give a lot of thought to every design decision that is made, large or small. If we need to see a picture of the space, we'll let you know. Be as specific as possible in your question and we'll give you a very specific answer or opinion. 

See? You're already on your way to design-clarity! It only takes a minute to ask your burning question that will resolve the design drama in your life.

Written by Emilie Kyle