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Lush Interior Design is the premier full service interior design, whole home, commercial interior design, and project management solution in Alexandria, Virginia.



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Welcome to the Lush Lifestyle Update! We are constantly searching our catalogues and around the web for products of all kinds for our clients, so we thought you might be interested in seeing some of our favorites from around the web!

*We are an affiliate of some of the products we are listing here and have had great experiences with products from these companies and hope you will too!


Emilie Kyle

Happy New Year! We hope you had a safe and relaxing holiday with your family and friends and that you’re making your way back to the “real world” feeling fully refreshed! In the spirit of the New Year, we decided to share and reflect upon our first calendar year in business, what we’re doing now, and where we’re headed in 2016.

A highly successful staging project.

A highly successful staging project.

Early in 2015, we enjoyed helping several new homeowners with furniture selection and procurement for their new homes. Once the snow thawed, local homeowners began the spring real estate frenzy. We were able to use our quick-turnaround staging expertise to help eager sellers and real estate agents sell their inventory of homes quickly.

During the summer, I moved into a larger office space. I brought on a Design Assistant, Cassandra, who edits every blog entry, is my videographer, helps the studio stay organized, and has great design feedback on our projects. I also gained storage space for furniture used for home staging projects.

We dove right in to developing our online presence this year, continuing to spread good design tweets on Twitter, and establishing ourselves on LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Facebook. We added Instagram to the list, sharing finishes from projects around the studio, new products we saw on our first business trip to New York (BDNY!), and gorgeous holiday wreaths all around Old Town that we hope you enjoyed. As if keeping up with those wasn’t enough, we kicked off fall with a weekly blog sharing trends and inspirational interior products and images. We started a YouTube channel with our first ever “how-to” video on making a winter-themed wreath. We would love to hear what else from the interiors world you'd like to learn more about, get inspired by, or just touch upon. Please leave a comment below!

A boomerang client for whom I had worked at another firm contacted me to assist them with their lobby. What a delightful surprise! We look forward to sharing their project with you when it's installed and photographed.

Based on client feedback, we began exploring the idea of offering online design services. I’ve always felt that good design should be accessible to everyone. We're in the planning stages of something really great we hope to release later this year!

We spent a lot of time connecting and building relationships with other businesses in the DC area this year, so we started a "Little Black Book" of our favorite service providers we love to recommend. Don't hesitate to ask us for an introduction. We love connecting your problem with a local solution.

I look forward to incorporating more of my foundational commercial interiors experience during 2016. We are thankful for the partnerships and opportunities on this side of the market. 

Thank you for your support! We’re excited about bringing the momentum of 2015 into the myriad projects we’re planning for 2016.

Written by Emilie Kyle
Edited by Cassandra Reinhart