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1127 Powhatan St
Alexandria, VA, 22314
United States


Lush Interior Design is the premier full service interior design, whole home, commercial interior design, and project management solution in Alexandria, Virginia.



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The Company


We understand your design dilemmas. There are so many choices and selections to make during the interior design process. It can be daunting to enter the interior designer or project manager role when you're already living a fabulous full life. We've got you covered! From furniture selection, kitchen design, and whole home remodels to art procurement or a commercial interior tenant build-out, our experience and attention to detail ensures our clients have no need to worry.

LUSH interior design LLC is a creative interior design firm conceived out of a love for design and remodeling projects, delving into the complexity of construction sites, and the desire to make spaces more beautiful for our clients. Our clients range from multi-family residential associations and property managers, to luxury residential homeowners, retail shops, and commercial interior tenants and brokers. Our clients are busy professionals and come to us to help them create functional and beautiful spaces that work with their day-to-day life and beyond.

Although a young company, you'll be in good hands, knowing our experienced designers have worked on hundreds of projects small and large. Our interior designers are formally trained and educated, and are always learning. They stay up on design trends and topics via industry publications, visits to trade shows, and taking part in continuing education opportunities.

Our approach to your project is a turn-key, full-service experience. 


beauty, simplicity, luxury, and comfort embody the LUSH lifestyle


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Full Definition of LUSH

1     a :  growing vigorously especially with luxuriant foliage <lush grass>
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This is what Lush means to us, but don't let us just tell you, hear what others have to say:

I sincerely recommend not only the company, but also Ms. Kyle for her excellent taste and helpful guidance. Friends who have seen the final work of her recommendations have been quite impressed with the results. Be assured that you would be pleased with her experience and knowledge of the trade.
— Noemi B.
I was more than pleased with Emilie and her team. Lush Interior Design staged our boats for the Annapolis Sailboat Show and did a superb job working within the budget and parameters set forth. We were able to explain the end result to Emilie, where she took her experience and knowledge to make results happen. She was extremely flexible when we had to make a correction and was a joy to work with. I would highly recommend her for any design or staging needs.
— Andrew K.
Emilie is a fantastic designer. I’ve seen some of her projects, and wow, she’s really good.
— AdvantaClean (service partner)
As a General Contractor, I have had wonderful experiences working with Emilie. She is very detail oriented, focused on delivering the client’s vision (even if it requires helping the client develop a vision), communicates with me at all stages, and takes pride in her product. ALL of those are important to me.
— Michael Fouche, HER, LLC (service partner)


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